Softabll Saison Opener


Alyssa Lory auf dem ersten „SPIELTAG - Cover“ der Saison.


Unser erster Heimspieltag dieses Jahr, am Sonntag, den 21.04.

im Michael Thon Ballpark.

1. Spiel: 13 Uhr

2. Spiel: ca. 15.30 Uhr


Name: Alyssa Lory

Birthday: 04 May 2002

Age I started: Started playing softball at 9 years old.

Positions I play: I can play every position but predominantly the left side of the diamond.

At bat song: Gods Country, Blake Shelton

In which teams have you played before?

Halswell Hornets

Canterbury Red Hawks

New Zealand Junior White Sox


Personality success:


Having the opportunity to play softball in the European league.

Why I love softball?


I love softball because softball allows you to bond with your teammates, work together, and support each other on and off the diamond. The friendships you make can last a lifetime. And for the joy of seeing your hard work and the others around you pay off is incredibly rewarding.



Favourite Food: Pizza and Brownies

Your life motto: “Remember, every setback is just a setup for a comeback”


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